Koržinekdizajn is a small creative core rich with experience from all fields of visual communication, around which, depending on a project’s complexity, an optimal team of experts is assembled, capable of providing the best design solutions. That kind of structure allows us to establish direct communication with any client, regardless of a project’s level of complexity, which leads to a faster and more efficient project development cycle.

The owner and CD of Korzinekdizajn is Marko Koržinek, experienced visual communicator, with sense for copywriting, and passion for education, working in the design industry for over a 20 years.

Since its founding in 1997., studio has implemented a large number of projects in Croatia and other countries (Albania, Austria, BiH, Kosovo, Germany, Slovenia). The studio’s clients are of different profiles and sizes, ranging from small family businesses to international corporations like: Dalekovod, Devolli Group, Hotel More, HGK, HRT, IGH, Kreditna banka Zagreb, Lovranske vile, Meggle group, the Democratic Party of Albania, PBZ, Rituals, Solissima, Tetra Pak… In case you need more information, feel free to contact us.

Studio services and experience cover almost all areas of visual communications:


It includes visual identities (symbol, logotype, visual identity standards and specific applications), signage, promotional materials, brochures and books, in print and electronic media.


This collection of services is defined by all the tools that enable the transition from simple product name into a – brand. These are: research, profile definition, planning, naming, design and architecture of a brand. As a support to brand development, there is also advertisement – from wholesale marketing campaigns to art directoring and designing already defined creative concepts with applications in all forms of media.


Studio’s consulting services range from long-term servicing of companies’ communication requirements to individual specific problem analisys. Clients often contact studio in need for a second opinion, or independent research on the implementation of various communications projects. Some of these projects have encompassed the analisys of: brand architecture, visual communication of identites and products, and advising on defining and removing problems in visual communication.