Packaging that kids wouldn’t want to throw away after drinking, but instead take home – that was the main idea. By the choice of the name (had to be acceptable in the whole region), logo and illustration, we wished that “zbunjola” (charming illustration of a cow which stares from the package with a surprised look) gives a sincere impression of needing help. Since, this was a new brand of milk for children, for lounch purposes, we started from the fact that children of the targeted age (3-7 years) are full of questions.

In fact (and we won’t tell anyone), “zbunjola” is the personification of kids of that age. But, the roles where changed, children got the role of the “one that knows everything”, that would answer all of zbunjola’s questions and finally have a chance to show what they know. /// Colaborators: illustration: David Peroš Bonnot, animation and video production: In-Fine, Zagreb, copywriting: in-house, Zrinka Puliselić. /// Client: Teloptic, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.